Released 13th July 2018, the 5-track EP blends rock, punk and 1920s jazz resulting in a sound that's as distorted as it is danceable. Through booming drums, growling trombones and fuzzed guitars, The Imaginary Hat is sure to appeal to fans of Jack White, Arctic Monkeys and Tom Waits as well as fans of Django Reinhardt, Benny Goodman and Louis Armstrong. The Imaginary Hat take you on a tour of the human mind, the lyrics playfully exploring Golden Age Syndrome, OCD, toxic masculinity, true love and aliens.​​


Featuring foldout design by artist Beth Fraser. 




1. Pretty Little Features

2. Tick Tick Tick

3. Right Side

4. Monkey Glands

5. Until One Of Us Dies


Released: Cut 'n' Strut Recordings July 2018

'Age Of Anxiety' EP - CD

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